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Location: /usr/include/linux/stat.h

mode_t16 bit
bitoctaldecimalc++ nameDescription
011S_IXOTHothers have execute permission
122S_IWOTHothers have write permisson
244S_IROTHothers have read permission
0+1+277S_IRWXOothers have read, write and execute permission
3108S_IXGRPgroup has execute permission
42016S_IWGRPgroup has write permission
54032S_IRGRPgroup has read permission
3+4+57056S_IRWXGgroup has read, write and execute permission
610064S_IXUSRuser has execute permission
7200128S_IWUSRuser has write permission
8400256S_IRUSRuser has read permission
6+7+8700448S_IRWXUuser has read, write and execute permission
91000512S_ISVTXSave swapped text after use (sticky)
1020001024S_ISGIDSet group ID on execution
1140002048S_ISUIDSet user ID on execution
13200008192S_IFCHRCharacter device
13+146000024576S_IFBLKBlock device
1510000032768S_IFREGRegular file
13+1512000040960S_IFLNKSymbolic link
12+13+14+1517000061440S_IFMTThese bits determine file type

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