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System flags

Location: /usr/include/asm/fcntl.h

flags32 bit
bithexoctaldecimalc++ nameDescription
1222O_RDWRRead and write
64010064O_CREATIf the file does not exist it will be created
780200128O_EXCLWhen used with O_CREAT, if the file already exists it is an error
8100400256O_NOCTTYIf pathname refers to a terminal device it will not become the process's controlling terminal
92001000512O_TRUNCIf the file already exists and is a regular file and the open mode allows writing it will be truncated to length 0
1040020001024O_APPENDThe file is opened in append mode
1180040002048O_NONBLOCKWhen possible, the file is opened in non-blocking mode
121000100004096O_SYNCThe file is opened for synchronous I/O
132000200008192FASYNCGenerate a signal SIGIO by default
1440004000016384O_DIRECTTry to minimize cache effects of the I/O
15800010000032768O_LARGEFILEAllow files whose sizes cannot be represented in 31 bits to be opened
161000020000065536O_DIRECTORYIf pathname is not a directory, cause the open to fail
1720000400000131072O_NOFOLLOWIf pathname is a symbolic link, then the open fails

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