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rax11execude program / script8 bit
rbx*filenamePointer to direktory/filenamesome bytes
rcx*argvPointer to options for the programsome bytes
rdx*envpPointer to environment parameters to set for the programsome bytes

On returneax

Errorcodec++ nameDescription
1EPERMOperation not permitted
2ENOENTNo such file or directory
5EIOI/O error
7E2BIGArgument list too long
8ENOEXECExec format error
12ENOMEMOut of memory
13EACCESPermission denied
14EFAULTBad address
20ENOTDIRNot a directory
21EISDIRIs a directory
22EINVALInvalid argument
23ENFILEFile table overflow
24EMFILEToo many open files
26ETXTBSYText file busy
32EPIPEBroken pipe
36ENAMETOOLONGFile name too long
40ELOOPToo many symbolic links encountered
80ELIBBADAccessing a corrupted shared library

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