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rax19Move the filepointer8 bit
rbxfda file descriptor16 bit
rcxoffsetoffset for use32/64 bit (off_t)
rdxwehnce what to do with the offset2 bit
0SEEK_SET : the offset given is set.
1SEEK_CUR : the offset is added to the curent position.
2SEEK_END : the offset is set in relation to the end of the file.

On returnrax
new position /errorcode

With an offset value of 0 you get with SEEK_CUR the curent position
and with SEEK_END the file length.
Use NEG to generate negative system independent values.

Errorcodec++ nameDescription
9EBADFBad file number
22EINVALInvalid argument
29ESPIPEIllegal seek

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